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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment associated with playing in the WPYF program?

How do players get fitted with equipment if they miss all the scheduled handout dates?

Players that fail to attend one of the schedule equipment handouts are fitted after the regular season program begins on August 15th. We need to work around the other schedule events and some delays and disruptions in the process can occur. The football shack at Wayzata Central Middle School is generally open at a little before 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday starting August 15th.

What happens if my 6th, 7th, or 8th grader misses evaluations?

Missing evaluations is not a huge deal. As part of the equidraft process, players that miss evaluations are given a rating by the coaches on hand based on their knowledge of your player's football skills. If no one present is familiar with your player, he will be placed in the pool with a nominal rating. In either case, he is assigned to a team in the same manner as any other player.

 What happens if a player does not attend an official LMAA weigh in? 

As part of the LMAA league rules, weight limits are established for players allowed to advance the ball from the line of scrimmage. These rules / limits are a safety consideration for all those participating in the league.

Weigh-in's are scheduled and conducted by all the respective area participating organizations. All players wishing to be eligible per section 9 of the LMAA Official League Rules must attend an LMAA weigh-in. A failure to attend a LMAA weigh-in will result in the player be classified as ineligible (a black striper) regardless of the players actual weight.

 What are my options if I am unable to get my player to the WPYF scheduled weigh in?

Players that miss the WPYF scheduled weigh in are allowed to weigh in at alternative LMAA member sites. For the alternative site schedules and additional instructions on this process, reference the LMAA website at

Is financial aid available for families requiring assistance with the program fees and equipment requirements?

How do I add or change email addresses for my account?

Adding or changing email addresses within your NGIN account is something that needs to be accomplished by the account owner (you). For information on this procedure, Please visit the NGIN support site at the address indicated below:

I’ve registered to coach, have I been accepted, or am I needed?

As a rule, our program does not turn away volunteer coaches that complete the requirements established by the program. We do not advise coaches of their acceptance. We instead address situations where a coaching volunteer fails to meet the established criteria. In short, if you’re not advised otherwise, you’re cleared to coach in our program.

 Additional Questions?

For coaching or league rules question, contact Lee Olson at

For registration, website, financial aid, and general program operation, contact Jason Rudolph at

For all other concerns, contact Curt Illikainen at