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Tackle Program, What Is Provided, What You Need

The program provides helmets, football pants and a game jersey. These are issued to each participant at scheduled equipment handouts in July & August (see the calendar for dates and times). This equipment must be WPYF issued or approved by the Area Director. Parents that choose to purchase and use a non-WPYF issued helmet need to be aware of these requirements :

Players are to provide, shoes, shoulder pads, mouth guards, practice jersey and a protective cup (optional).

Shoes: Only molded, one piece cleats, rubber removable cleats or rubber / plastic coated metal spikes are allowed. If using rubber / plastic coated spikes, the shoes must be regularly inspected for wear. Players will not be allowed to participate with shoes with exposed metal.  

Shoulder Pads: Only approved football pads. No hockey shoulder pads.

Jerseys: Game jerseys will be handed out by the head coach during the first practice sessions. Players may keep their game jerseys at the end of the season. Players are required to provide their own practice jersey

Equipment Stipulations / Warnings


Equipment issued by the WPYF program is intended solely for use in WPYF / LMAA programs and sanctioned events. All helmets must be fit adjusted by a WPYF official. Replacement or alteration of the face mask is not allowed without the approval of the Area Director. A clear visor my be added but the installation and fit must be inspected and approved by a WPYF official.   

Football is a sport that carriers a risk of injury. These injuries are inclusive of the possibility of brain injury, paralysis, and death. No piece of football equipment can completely eliminate the potential for serious injury. 

Equipment Return

At the end of the season, each player is to turn in to their head coach the helmet and pants issued to them at the beginning of the season. The head coach is responsible for the return of equipment to the program, the player is responsible for any equipment not delivered to the head coach and may be billed for missing or un-returned equipment.