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League Rules

Tackle Program LMAA Weigh-in Requirements:

As part of the LMAA league rules, weight limits are established for players allowed to advance the ball from the line of scrimage. These rules / limits are a safety consideration for all those participating in the league.

Weigh-in's are scheduled and conducted by all the respective area participating organizations. All player wishing to be eligable per section 9 of the LMAA Official League Rules must attend an LMAA weigh-in. A failure to attend a LMAA weigh-in will result in the player be classified as ineligable (a black striper) regardless of the players actual weight.

Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association Website, League Rules Page

The League rules are posted on the LMAA website. The link above will take you to their rules page. Rules for our 3rd grade flag football program are posted on the WPYF 3rd grade flag football page.

For questions on league rules contact Lee Olson at